elmex PV Solar Straight Inline Fuse Connectors - 1500 V

elmex PV Solar Straight Inline fuse connectors EMPV4IFC1500, EMPV4IFCM1500 and EMPV4IFCF1500 are applicable for Photovoltaic string protection. The variants of these connectors offer users with options of either using a male or female straight connector at one end and cable at the other end or using male/female straight connectors at both the ends for string protection with fuse. elmex straight inline fuse connectors have plug and socket design suitable for 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 mm² size cables and are constructed using fame retardant engineering thermoplastic suitable for exposure to UV rays and for application in PV power generation system.They are suitable for use with gPV(Cylindrical) fuse of ø 10 x 85 mm.




Rated Voltage

1500V DC

Rated Current

30 A

RMS Test Voltage

8 kV(1500 V)

Impulse withstand Voltage

16  kV

Degree of Protection

IP 68

Contact Material

Copper Alloy with Tin Plating

Ambient Temperature

 -45° C to +85° C

Max. Operating Temp.

+110° C

Pollution Degree


Insertion Force

<_50 N

Withdrawal Force

>_50 N

Locking System

Snap In

                                               Note : (1) Our Connectors are suitable for PV solar Cables of  2.5  / 4.0  / 6.0 mm² diameter (As per 2Pfg 1169 / EN 50618).

                                                      (2) Connectors when mated , need a tool to open in accordance with NEC 2014.

                                                      (3) It is recommended to use gPV (cylindrical) fuse of  Ø10 mm x 85 mm dimension.


             elmex gPV fuse link suitable for 1500V DC photovoltaic applications.



Rated Voltage

1500V DC

Rated Current

Upto 30 A 


gPV (Cylindrical)


 Ø10 mm x 85 mm

Testing Standard 

IEC 60269-6