elmex PV Solar Panel Connectors

elmex PV Solar Panel connectors EMPVPCM4, EMPVPCF4, EMPVPCM4N & EMPVPCF4N are applicable for panel mounting connection. They are constructed using fame retardant engineering thermoplastic suitable for exposure to UV rays & for application in PV power generation system. elmex panel connectors are designed for use in connection for photovoltaic devices like DCDB (DC Distribution Block), Inverters, String Combiner Boxes, etc. These connectors are provided with hexagonal nut for fixing & tightening it on a mounting surface. A silicon rubber o- ring is provided between panel connector surface & the wall of the photovoltaic enclosure ensuring protection against ingress of water & dust. elmex panel connectors have mating compatibility not only with elmex straight connectors but also with straight connectors of leading international makes having similar construction.




Rated Voltage

1000 V DC

Rated Current

25 A(2.5 mm2), 30 A(4.0 mm2, 6.0 mm2)

Test Voltage

6 KV (50 Hz)

Contact Material

Copper with Tin Plating

Operating Temperature

-45°C to 90°C  

Safety Class


Contact Resistance

<0.5 Nm

Insertion Force

≤50 N

Withdrawal Force

≥50 Nm

Suitable Cable

2.5 mm2/4.0 mm2/6.0 mm2

Locking System

Snap In