elmex Resin Encapsulated


elmex has been serving electrical industry & providing termination solution for the last five decades & Now serve the larger segment of this industry, we are adding instruments transformers, both current & voltage Transformers to our range of product.

elmex  Group of Current Transformers designed & constructed in compliance with below standards:

  • IS 2705
  • IEC 61869-2

elmex LV Transformers have been successfully tested in ERDA, Vadodara for type test as per IEC: 61869-2. elmex has set up all the test facilities in-house to conduct all routine tests as well as certain type test.

elmex Low Voltage Transformers are intended for supply to measuring instruments & protection devices of electrical switchgear and control gears installation. They are suitable for system voltage 415/660V & Frequency 50/60 Hz. These Current Transformers are designed for a secondary current of 1A or 5A and the primary current ranging from 5A to 7500A depending on the application of the system load current.

Basic Construction in three different Groups, meeting various application requirements:

  • Polycarbonate Encapsulated Rectangular/ Ring Type CT
  • PVC Tape Insulated Rectangular/ Ring Type CT
  • Resin Cast Rectangular/ Ring Type CT

elmex Low voltage Current Transformer is available for various Accuracy class and Burden application. The insulating material comply with requirements of IEC: 60085 for insulation class-E (or better on demand)




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