elmex Termitronix

Elmex offers an innovative solution to Control & Automation Industry, enabling modular design of electronic controls. It is now possible to use add-on concept for modification or enhancement in control circuits, during service. This new solution is the universal DIN-Rail mounted Elmex Termitronix terminal blocks, which consists of: Basic Terminal Block type KCH, with 8-independent terminals for external connections. A mini PCB housed in the Terminal Block Type KCH, and Electronic Control element integral of required type of control logic, or use of specific elements (such as standard or Static Relays, and various other control elements). Termitronix modules offer considerable ease in maintenance, investigations, repairs and replacement of the modular control elements in service because of the modular control elements in service because of DIN Rail Mounting unlike in the case of traditional control circuit designs. Termitronix modules have specially designed 8 Terminals, 4 either side, with 45 angle for ease of control wire entry, the terminal has cable holding metal clamp as insertion guide for properly locating the control wires. The well-proven Elmex screw clamp design ensures reliable conductor clamping. Termitronix modules are fully ventilated by the openings provided on both the faces and hence allow good cooling of the control elements and the PCB during service.