Branch Connector



elmex’ has developed branch connectors EBPV4M and EBPV4F to facilitate parallel connection of photovoltaic male or female straight connectors depending on on-site application. The branch connector has 3 branches, 2 for inputs either male or female and 1 for output either male or female. ‘elmex’ branch connector are constructed using simple metallic component, optimizing its performance. The branch connector is easy to connect and disconnect without help of any accessory and this it is easy to use. ‘elmex’ branch connector is IP67 protected and has mating compatibility with  ‘elmex’ make straight connector EMPV4.




             Elmex Specification

Rated Voltage

1000 V DC

Rated Current

25 A(2.5 mm2), 30 A(4.0 mm2, 6.0 mm2)

Test Voltage

6 KV (50 Hz)

Degree of Protection

IP 67

Contact Material

Copper with Tin Plating

Operating Temperature

-45°C to 90°C  

Safety Class


Contact Resistance

<0.5 Nm

Insertion Force

≤50 N

Withdrawal Force

≥50 Nm

Suitable Cable

2.5 mm2/4.0 mm2/6.0 mm2