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Thermocouple Terminal

A thermocouple is a bi-metallic junction ie a junction between two different metals that produces voltage related to temperature difference. Thermocouples are classified depending on different alloys used for different temperature ranges. Some of the thermocouple types are as ; 'K' Type : Chromel (Ni/Cr) + Alumel (Ni/Al) 'J' Type : Iron (Fe) + Constantan (Cu/Ni) 'T' Type : Copper (Cu) + Constantan (Cu/Ni) 'E' Type : Chromel (Ni/Cr) + Constantan (Cu/Ni) For temperature measuring requirement, wherein measuring point is far from the measuring instrument, intermediate connections have to be made for extending the path. For such application conventional type terminal blocks cannot be used to create the required extension, since current carrying parts are made of either copper or copper alloy which are different than the thermocouple metals or alloys as mentioned above. to overcome this problem thermocouple terminal blocks are employed. Thermocouple terminal blocks are constructed using the same type of metal / alloy as that of thermocouple intended for measuring temperature. Thermocouple terminal blocks are used in pairs. elmex offers thermocouple terminal blocks in all four types of thermocouples described above.