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Stud Type Terminal - Screw and Driver Operated

While standard Screw Clamp or Spring Clamp terminal blocks are designed for direct connection of conductors, (solid, stranded, flexible), simply after stripping the insulation, there are other wiring practices and applications where conductors have to be provided with ring type or fork types lugs, for more secured connections. elmex has developed a Stud type terminal blocks with connection possibility 10 sq mm, which accept ring/fork type lugged cables. These are available in both Polyamide 6.6 and in Melamine Housings. For Stud Type terminal CABT M4, studs have special long nuts, with a slot at the top, so that the nuts can be operated using screw-drivers as well using nut-drivers. These Stud Type terminals are used with protective transparent covers, which enclose the live parts, as protection against accidental contact. Such covers can be provided from a stack of stud terminals. All the metal parts used are of brass (copper alloy) which make them suitable for use in applications like switch boards, switch yards, marshaling racks etc., generally exposed to environmental extremities.