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Fuse Terminal - Brass Clamp

Applications in Control & Automation require fuse protection facility. elmex offers Terminal Blocks with built-in safety fuse levers. These Terminal Blocks accommodate a glass cartridge fuse of 5 mm x 20 mm, 5 mm x 25 mm or 6 mm x 32 mm size. The fuse holder is made of special grade phosphor bronze and hence offers low contact resistance. A solid brass link type DL4 in place of the fuse makes it possible to use it as a disconnection type terminal block. An LED kit is provided for blown-fuse indication. Standard operating voltages can be selected from the range of D1=24 VDC, D2=48 VDC, D3=110 VDC, D4=220 VDC, D5=12 VDC, A1=110 VAC and A2=240 VAC.