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Component Housing - Screw Clamp

elmex Component Housings act as simple Interface Circuits duly mounted in the Terminal Block itself, saving assembly time, cost of wires and labour in the control cubicle. This avoids inter-connection between simple terminals and the components mounted on a separate PCB in the panel, offering flexibility. A variety of components like Diode/s, LED, Resistor, Varistor (MOV) are mounted in Insulation Housing of double deck terminals like KUDD4 as required for the application. They find application in PLC, DCS, Machine Tools and other Control & Automation panels. Component Housings offer an alternative to conventional method of connecting terminal blocks with components on a separate PCB in a panel. They act as simple interface circuits duly mounted in terminal blocks, saving time and labour. The variety of Component Housings for mounting Diode/s, LED, Resistor, MOV in various combination are available using insulation housing of KUDD4.